Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

Timeline of Important People/Trends/Events

1. This was the event that ended the Byzantine Empire
2. Now Russia is back under tis own government and using a few tricks they learned from the Mongols
3. This event ended the Savafid dynasty
4.  Ruler who was the most successful of all the sultans, built a huge mosque, and started the Ottoman sieges of Vienna.
5. Ivan the Terrible was a bad bad bad ruler. He created much pain and suffering for Russia, as detailed on page 390.
6. Ultimate goal: Send the Mongols back farther and mess them up for messing with us.
7. One of the few times the Ottoman empire lost any conquest.
8. The time period after Ivan the Terrible's death, where no successor was chosen and the power claims by the boyars (that were left) and attacks by Sweden and Poland led to a turbulent time in Russian history.
9. The Romanov dynasty taking over Ivan the Terrible's reign of terror until 1917 ended the time of troubles. Pictured is the last family of the Romanov dynasty, the family of Tsar Nicolas II. This is the family that was executed, save for Anastasia, who is allegedly believed to have survived and turned up later in Germany.
10. Now the children of the serfs are serfs as well. This, technically, could be considered Russia's slave system in some crazy mixed up way.
11. The Ottomans are losing territory...that could be a problem.
12. Why they ever cared about Europe in the first place after their belief system is a mystery, but this was the last time they went there.
13. Although a autocratic iron fist, he did revitalize Russia and model it after the West.
14. Whatever European territories the Ottomans had are no longer theirs, and power begins to change hands. Took over Sweden to open up a sea port for Russia.
15. How cool do you have to be to name a city after yourself? He made this the new capital of Russia.
16. Power struggle war to determine the next shah, in which Nadir Khan won and had a short lived dynasty, as did those who followed him.
17. Western military schools...hm...looks like Eastern Europe is trying to rise up maybe?
18. The wife of Peter III, nephew of Peter the Great, who ruled in place of her husband due to in mental incapabilities, and kept Peter the Great's interests.
Emily A., 2/12/11-2/17/11 (Pictures stolen from various websites found through Google Images)