Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

Timeline/Important People/Trends/Events

527-565: Justinian is the emperor of the Byzantine Empire (He conquered much territory for the empire, which was lost after his death to the Muslims and W. Europe nomadic groups, let Theodora come into play and lead)
650s: Slavic migrations into Eastern Europe (When I say huge, you say population increase. HUGE! POPULATION INCREASE!)
718: Byzantines defend Arab attack on Constantinople (prevent Seljuk Turks from attacking, leaving shield at Eastern edge against Mongols later and providing the always iminent threat of attack)
c. 855: Russian Kingdom around Kiev (located in the Pripet Marsh-not close to the Seljuk Turk shield)
864: Cyril and Methodius missions in Eastern Europe (began conversions; religion was very important to the Byzantines and would later lead to the forced conversion of Russia)
870: First Kingdom in what is now Czech and Slovak Republics
896: Magyars settle in Hungary
c. 960: Emergence of Polish state (Poor Poland. Little did they know that they would be stomped on the entire 20th century)
980-1015: Converstion of Vladimir I of Russia (would eventually lead to the conversion of the whole Russian state)
1018: Byzantine defeat of Bulgarian Kingdom (Yay! We're getting land back!)
1019-1054: Reign of Yaroslav, King of Rus' (the last of the Kievan princes, he issued the legal codification while building chruches)
1054: Schism of Eastern and Western Christianity (based on a huge fundamental difference(s) that would  change the way religion was in Europe forever. Also effected which society became Roman Catholic and which became Orthodox Christian)
1055: Seljuk turks control Abbasid caliphate (the Byzantines tried to take over the Muslims to regain land lost from the time of Justinian, but insead were defeated and left room for the Ottoman turks, who would take them over, to come in and take over)
1100-1453: Byzantine decline, under Ottoman attack (more Turks pressing at the borders! wonderful!)
1203-1204: 4th crusade: Westerners sack Constantinople (this was after the schism, and the Byzantines were weaker and easy to get)
1206: Mongol state founded (Would lead to opening of Silk Road trade, Black Death, the change from Kiev to Moscow for capital of Russia, and a whole mess of trouble)
1219-1223: 1st Mongol invasions of Russia and the Islamic World (oh dear they're starting to attack!)
1236-1240: Mongol conquest of Russia (starting to take over...but the Russians defeat them once)
1237-1241: Tatars (Mongols) capture Russia (Oh dear. The only winter battle ever lost. That's no good.)
1253: Mongol victory of Seljuk Turks, rise of Ottoman Turks in the Middle East (With the competition gone, the Ottomans have a a huge target placed on the Byzantine Empire)
1348-1375: Black Death spreads in Europe and Russia (Wipes out over half the population)
1453: Ottoman turks capture Constantinople: end of Byzantine Empire (Oh noes D: Leads to Muslim control of Eastern Europe)
1480: Expulsion of tatars (Mongols) from Russia (Yay! Now Russia can rebuild from Moscow)
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