Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

Development and Transformation of Social Structures

You can't have a good, functional society without re-vamping it every once in awhile with new ideas, thoughts and feelings (the Catholics learned this the hard way during the Reformation). When the times change, you must change as well. Could you imagine if the times had never changed? Who knows, we might not all have the same technology, and especially if no one ever explored because the times didn't change, we'd all be stuck in Europe, Africa, and Asia. That wouldn't be any good at all. This is of importance because without change you can't grow, and growth not only territorially but also intellectually is important as well.

Specific Examples of Theme

*The change from hunter-gatherer tribes to stable, agricultural societies (Kristina M., 12/2/10)
*The change from city-states to democracies (Greek) and republics (Roman)
*The change from polytheistic to monothiestic religions

-Emily A., 12/14/10