Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

Leader Analysis

Mehmend  II

Name of leader: Mehmend the second
Life: 1432-1481
Title: "The Conqueror"
Country: Ottoman
Power: 1453-1481
Pior: Ottoman; advanced their stronghold in Asia minor across the Borporus trails Europe. By passed Constanople then conquering the great city.
Ideology: Hence the name , he led armies of men, conquering all cities in his path.
Action: Assutal the triple ring of land walls, that had protected the city for centuries. They quickly overwhelmed the defenders.
Short: N/A
Long: Ottoman rules the extended emipre into Syna and Egypt.
Importance: Ottoman had risen to become the protector of the Islam heartland and the Sourge of christian Europe. In early 16th century, the Ottoman remained a major force. In European politics until late 19th century.

Catherine the Great

Name of leader: Catherine II
Title: "Catherinre the Great"
Country: Russia
Power: 1761-1796
Pior: After Peter the Great's death several decades was followed by weak rule. The weakness of tsardom in these years encouaged new grumbly about undue westernication and some near nitiations by church officals eager to gain more freedom to maneuver, but no major new policy directions where set.
Ideology- Took Peter the Great interests in servarl respects (look at Peter the Great) defended the powers of the central monarch.
Action: Put down a vigorous peasont uprising, led by Emelian Pugcher, butchering Pugacheu. Born a Prussian princess, she converted to the Orthodox faith after her marriage to the heir of Russia's throne was arranged.
Short: Russia had passed through three centries of extoranony development.
Long: One of the most fanisanting woman in history.
Important: One of the only good leaders of Russia.

Peter the Great

Name: Peter I
Title: "Peter the Great"
Country: Russia
Power: 1689-1725
Poir:  Abolished the assemble of nobles and gobol new powers over the Russian church. Alexis Romonov was eagar to purage the church of many superstitions and errors , in his judgement, for the when the mongols attacked.
Actions: Built many new features into his framework. Extened the area of the Russia territory. Added a more define intrest in changing seleceted aspects of Russia economy and cultural by miltatry western forms.
Idelogy: Was a vigorous leader of expectational intellegence and ruthless energy. Eager to moce the country more into the western diplomatic.
Short: Cut Russia elite off from its tradition, to enchance state power, and to commit the elite to new identites.
Long: Pete concetpated on improvment in political organization on selected enconmic development and on cultural change.
Importance: Basically same as Catherine, Peter the Great was one of the only good leaders of Russia.
Kristina M., 2/18/11