Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2


The Nature of Westernization (p 397)

Source:                     Primary
Author:                     Peter the Great; Catherine the Great
Time Period:             17th-18th Century
Society:                    Russia

Political Social Economic Characteristics at Time Written:
  • Wars with Sweden
  • Pugachev Revolts
  • Partition of Poland
Purpose:                  To establish law and unity within Russia
Tone:                      To-the-Point, blunt
Audiences:               Russian Elite and Aristocracy
Point-Of-View-        Russian Royalty
Important Content:   Determines Russia as a European State
                              Displays Royalty POV of why laws put in place
                              Shows Royalty affinity to higher class education
Evidence of Bias:      "What is the true end of monarchy?...correct their actions, in order to attain the supreme good."
                                Shows (obviously) the government's support of monarchy. They believe they are  necessary to the success of the people. 

Summary: Westernization was a very important part of Russian history, because two of the three main leaders of this time period participated heavily in it. An understanding of why they did this is important for understanding this region during this time period.
Kyle S., 2/11/11