Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2


Theme #1

p. 457, Figure 21.1
This picture is an obvious interaction with the land. They are planting gardens, thus making their environment more beautiful.

Theme #2

p. 392 Figure 18.2
This depiction of Mary and the Christ child was a type of Byzantine art, so obvioulsy those cultures interacted. It was also a way of developing their own culture. It shows the great love the Christ child and Mary share, a key part of both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian faith.

Theme #3

The Battle of Lepanto is a very important battle in history. It is the first battle the Ottomans had lost of many. Notice the amount of ships-it is believed those belonged to the Ottomans.

Theme #4

p. 389, Figure 18.1
This picture of Ivan V shows him ornamently decorated. This shows how rich the Russians were, or at least appeared to be. At the very least, they spent a good amount of money on their leaders.

Theme #5

Peter the Great is responsible for starting the movement of Westernization in Russia. This was a revitalizing movement. In this picture, you can tell he is a reveared, respected leader of Russia.