Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

State-building, Expansion, and Conflict

Without this theme, we would never have the Roman Empire. They followed all of these steps. They built their state, and expanded through conflict, conquering most of Europe, including Greece. You cannot have an empire without doing these three things; it just can't be done. Although irrelevant to an Eastern Europe/Russia website, China was not as large as an empire as they could've been because they only followed one of these three steps (in their conflicts, they were on the defensive side). This is how you become a world power. Conflict also provides a defense to keep your territory your territory after you've built your state (this is what China did).

Specific Examples of Theme

Justinian's original conquest and empire making
The Mongols. 'Nuff said. They totally took over the Russians.
-Emily A., 1/22/11