Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

Interaction between humans and the environment

Interactions between humans and their environment are vital for survival. The environment around you is not only your living space, but the food in it, the resources available, and the weather around you. Their are specific conditions that humans can live in, if not they need to adapt. Adaption can be considered an interaction. Hunting for food can be an interaction as well. Agriculture is an interaction. Interacting with the environment provides you with the resources needed to survive and become better; this is why this theme is important.

Specific Examples of Theme

*Byzantine Empire was shaped by the Roman decline and rise of Arabs (David L. 1/14/11)
*Slavs moved in all directions around 5th century C.E. (pg. 205 map) (David L. 1/14/11)
-Emily A. 1/22/11