Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

600 C.E.-1450 C.E.-The Beginnings of a Modern World

This time period is the most important time period in this World History course if you plan on taking the AP test. According to the Kaplan AP World History review book, the time period from 600 C.E.-1450 C.E. recieves 22% of the weight on the AP test while the other time periods recieve anywhere from 19%-20%. This post-classical period is when key relationships were forged and key mistakes, shifts in power, and disease transmittals led to the shaping of our world as we know it today. Religious ideas were spread and trade involving the entire world was established. According to the AP World History book, the religious ideas were spread because of the decline of classical empires. Also according to the AP World History book, the old world boundaries fallen led ambitious people to look at new areas. Commerce and religion took a big hit and went off flying in this new era, which began our world as we know it today.

-Emily A. 12/28/10, 1/27/11