Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

Peoples Analysis: Greeks

Name of group: Greeks

Time period: 700’s BCE

Location: Greece

Important neighbors: Rome


·         Linguistics

·         Urbanization

·         Art and architecture


·         Prone to invasions

·         Internal conflicts

·         Women constrained to household skills

Impact on neighbors:

·         Greece was susceptible to invasions by Rome

·         Outlasted ancient Rome

·         Ideaology with the arts more culturally diffused than Rome


·         Architecture and art

·         Indirect rise of the Byzantine empire

-Kevin G. 12-8-10

Peoples Analysis: Roman Republic

Name of Group:

Time Period: 500 BCE - 20 BCE

Important neighbors: Greece, Etruria, Latin neighbors

  • Aristocracy
  • The creation of the Roman army and navy
  • Order of laws, especially present in the Roman Republic constitution

  • Shortage of grains
  • Resentment of Latin neighbors
  • Conflict between aristocratic rulers
  • Civil war
  • Economic distress

Impact on neighbors:
  •  Alliances formed
  • Greek and Latin culture heavily influenced Roman culture
  • Lost trade with Etruscans and western Greek colonies

  • Legal and legislative structures and ideas
  • Roman-Latin language influence

Kevin G. 12-14-10