Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

Development and Interaction of Cultures

There are many ways that a culture could interact with other cultures. One of these, and probably the most popular example of this, is through trade. How much more like another culture can you get than through their exports? This leads into another form, also known as cultural diffusion. This is where a culture takes the ideas of another culture and makes (or attempts to make) them work for them. Besides trade and products, this is also done through religions as well. This is a major theme throughout World History because of the fact that you can't have wars, battles, disease, and even ethnocentrism without the development and interaction of a specific culture, because if everyone was the same then there would be no need to trade, now would there?

Specific Examples of Theme:

*Christianity started to rise during the Roman Empire (pg. 87) (David L., 12/2/10)
*Development of the Catal Huyuk civilization
*Roman Empire maintained a different political system than the earlier city-states (David L., 12/2/10)

-Emily A., 12/14/10