Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2

Change Analysis

Society: From Russia under Ivan to Russia under Catherine the Great
Time Period: 1450-1750
Significant Events During Time: Russia won their independence, began expansion

Characteristics While Russia
was Under Ivan:

Political: Russian aristocrat lacked the political assertion of their counterparts in Western Europe
Social: most people lived in rural areas; many were serfs, boyars were becoming oppressed
Economic: generally bad, due to high rule place on autocrats

Artistic: Byzantine mosaics
Religious: ont as much Orthodox Christianity
Military: Recruited cossacks
Geography: Ivan wanted to expand and take over Central Asia from the desire to push back the Mongols

Characteristics While Russia
was Under Catherine the Great:

Political: Central Monarch; butted into the affairs of other European nations
Social: Nobility was favored over the serfs, boyars were not oppressed
Economic: decent

Artistic: Byzantine mosaics
Religious: more Orthodox Christianity than when Ivan was in charge
Military: not to much military
Geography: much larger land mass due to expansion and gain of Polish territory after the partition
Summary: Because Ivan was Terrible and Catherine was Great, there is an obvious difference between her and him, and it is important to differentiate between that difference. Not all things were established or different, such as demographic and women's status.
David L. 2/11/2011, Emily A. 2/18/11