Eastern Europe and Russia, AP World History p.2
Leader Analysis
This chart is used to record important specific information about leaders in political, economic, and social fields.

Peoples Analysis
This chart is helps students record details about groups, societies, and civilizations. It also asks them to analyze the impact these peoples had on history.

Conflict Analysis
This chart helps students organize and analyze conflicts of all types. It is useful for finite wars, but it can be especially useful to help them sort out long-term social and ideological conflicts.

Change Analysis
Filling out this chart helps students become aware of continuities and changes within one society over a period of time. Through the recording of important events over a time period, students will start thinking about the causes and effects of change and continuity.

Societal Comparisons
This chart facilitates comparisons between contemporaneous societies.

Document Analysis
This chart asks students to record important information about a document and summarize its main ideas. Students describe the setting in which the document was created and analyze it in the context of its time period.

Kevin Garcia 12/14/10